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The Plagiarism Blog

Keeping Current on Plagiarism, Cheating & Academic Integrity by Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian, Eastern Connecticut State University

Collaboration & Plagiarism

Assigning Collaborative Writing - Tips for Teachers
from "Collaborative Pedagogy" by Rebecca Moore Howard,
Composition Pedagogies: A Bibliographic Guide.
Ed. Gary Tate,
Amy Rupiper, and Kurt Schick. New York: Oxford UP, 2000.

Cheating Themselves
by Miriam Schulman, Issues in Ethics
V. 9, N. 1 Winter 2003, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. "Universities
must create communities where academic dishonesty is explained but not explained away."

Cite-Check: On Collaboration, Plagiarism, and Everything in Between, The New Humanities Reader, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2002. "Our goal, rather, is to help students navigate the gray areas that emerge whenever one engages in serious intellectual inquiry. In such an environment, where class discussions are exciting, peer review of student work is helpful, and collaboration continues on long after class is over, it can be difficult to tell exactly who came up with the idea or insight that eventually makes its way into the paper. The challenge, in other words, for students and for their teachers alike, is to develop ways to work together productively in the ambiguous world of lived experience."