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The Plagiarism Blog

Keeping Current on Plagiarism, Cheating & Academic Integrity by Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian, Eastern Connecticut State University

Plagiarism-by-Paraphrase Risk Quiz
"Are you in danger of committing plagiarism while paraphrasing a source? The most common form of college-level plagiarism is not produced by intentional theft of another's ideas. For predictable reasons, it happens when students try to paraphrase published scholarly sources. Student writers are still learning the vocabulary and methods of the discipline, so they know fewer alternatives to the phrasing of the original passage. Also, student writers aren't always aware of just how careful one has to be when borrowing ideas even when the sources' words have been changed.

The 'Paraphrase-Plagiarism Risk Quiz' was designed and edited by Arnold Sanders, Associate Professor of English and Writing Program Director at Goucher College, with programming assistance and web-design by Susan Garrett Weiss, Assistant Professor of English at Goucher and in English and Linguistics at Western Maryland University. Additional programming assistance was provided by Kristin Stanley, a senior Computer Science major at Mount St. Mary's College." Categories include: Literary Criticism, Science/Biology, Social Science/Anthropology, Economics, and History.