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The Plagiarism Blog

Keeping Current on Plagiarism, Cheating & Academic Integrity by Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian, Eastern Connecticut State University

Dumbing Down Process
Student Direct Online
Nov 29, 2004
By Tamanna Rahman

"A SURVEY commissioned by the Times Higher Education Supplement has found that almost half of academics felt pressured to pass students who they felt should have failed, and about a fifth admitted to turning a blind eye to plagiarism....Professor Fouracre, confirmed that plagiarism is still taken very seriously, but the problem is proving it. 'As the anti-plagiarism software improves though, the situation will get better'. Concerns over plagiarism come alongside news that the search engine Google have recently launched ‘Google scholar’ – a new service which searches through academic material such as journals, papers and libraries. Whilst some have applauded the move as making access easier to important academic documents, some have said it will add to the current 'cut and paste' culture amongst students."